A selection of my work based in Idaho

Feature: Undocumented Idaho Dairy Workers Fear Trump’s Policies

Feature: Push Underway To Get Craters Of the Moon Designated National Park

Living Legend Locomotive Comes To Boise

CHAT! A Conversation with TV’s Original Batman, Adam West

Feasibility of Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan Doubted In Central And Eastern Idaho

A sampling of my breaking news coverage of the terror attack in San Bernardino

San Bernardino attack

From KCRW’s Which Way, LA?: Can Massive Warehouses Save the Inland Empire (my story begins at 5:37)

Which Way, L.A.? with Warren Olney

A sample of the stories I produced for KVCR

San Bernardino Homicide Rate Soars, and City Councilman Blames SBPD Chief and Other Brass

Inland Empire Community of Redlands One of Four Biggest Water-Wasters in CA

California Economic Summit Leaves the Coast and Comes Inland For First Time

Why Has San Bernardino Been in Bankruptcy for Over 2.5 Years? Experts Explain, Pt.1

Can San Bernardino Meet the May 2015 Deadline for its Plan of Adjustment? Experts Explain, Pt. 2

San Bernardino County First to Approve Bounties For Drone Information

Republican District Flipped by Victory of Democrat Pete Aguilar to Congress

Architectural Portrait of Loma Linda Hospital

Major Warehouse Project Proposed In Rural Riverside County; Local Authorities Unhappy

The First Inland Empire Restaurant Week Kicks Off In Ontario

In Focus: Beaumont Facing Insolvency?

Dueling Protests Organize Outside of Immigration & Customs Enforcement Building

A Profile of the new Mayor of San Bernardino, Carey Davis

UC Riverside Hosts Solar Conference Highlighting Students’ Projects and Area Companies

Local Environmental Leader Leary of Proposal by Air Quality Management District

San Bernardino Looks to Begin Charter Reform Process

Congressman Mark Takano Wants to Establish Oversight for New, Rental-backed Bonds

On-location coverage of the 2015 Modernism Week architecture festival in Palm Springs

Feature preview of the 10th Modernism Week

How to do Modernism Week on a shoestring

A tour of where Modernism Week started: the Modernism Show and Sale

A chat with King of Kitsch, Charles Phoenix

The allure of mid-century for Baby Boomers

We go for a ride on the must-do Modernism Week event: the double-decker bus tour

Growth of Modernism Week illustrates greater economic resurgence of Palm Springs

Coverage of the San Bernardino mayoral election:

A recap of the first forum between candidates Wendy McCammack and Carey Davis

An in-depth look at the differences between the mayoral candidates

Citizens of San Bernardino share their thoughts on the candidates

Mayoral candidates spar at fourth and final forum

San Bernardino Elects Carey Davis to be Next Mayor

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