Matt who?

 Guilhem (GILL-um); it’s French.

Currently, I’m working in public broadcasting at Boise State Public Radio in Boise, ID. As Idaho’s primary NPR station, there’s never a lot of down time between reporting and hosting Morning Edition. After being on air dark and early from 5:50 to 9,  I’m happiest out in the field reporting. Throughout my time in Southern California and now Idaho, I’ve produced a host of stories ranging from mid-century modern architecture in Palm Springs to San Bernardino’s bankruptcy to Craters of the Moon National Monument. In addition to my duties at Boise State Public Radio, I’m also an independent producer. My reporting has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Weekend All Things Considered, the CBC, and KCRW.

In terms of academic experience, what I bring are an English degree from Berkeley and a Master’s in Media & Communications from the London School of Economics.

Beginning in print, I came to radio late only discovering it in grad school in London. The attraction was instant; the moment I got behind the mic I knew I had found something right for me. What I looked forward to most each week was hosting my show: The Zeitgeist Tape. It provided a weekly report of what was going on in the realms of television, music, London events, and some of the most outlandish stories to break that week. Informal and a good time, it was well received and I was awarded “Best Presenter” by the LSE Students’ Union.

Whether in print or on air, capturing the moment and breaking down a complex situation into something understandable, relevant, and applicable is what I have a knack for. I hope to use those skills on a daily basis and be an active contributor to the increasingly global cultural conversation.

Curious? See my LinkedIn for a digital CV.


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